The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević visited the Uniflex company from Ugljevik, which had purchased a machine last year with the help of incentives from this Ministry, and has applied for incentives this year as well.

Petričević discussed with the Uniflex owner, Dušan Đukanović, how much the acquired equipment had influenced the improvement of the production process.

He mentioned the current public call for incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises, which was extended due to the great interest of entrepreneurs, and the grant was increased by an additional BAM 500,000.

For large investment projects, the grant was extended for an additional BAM 1.5 million, so this year’s support will amount to BAM 13.5 million. The support for small and medium enterprises will be BAM 1.5 million. He stated that through these activities, the goal was to provide maximum support to businessmen, primarily from the processing industry.

Petričević added that they would try to provide this type of support in the coming year as well, both for large investment projects and for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The owner of the Uniflex company, Dušan Đukanović, said he had received a subsidy of about BAM 53,000 from the Ministry for the machine, and that thanks to it, the business of the company had improved significantly and the production was now faster and better.

This year, he also applied for funds intending to use them for thermal treatment. Đukanović emphasized the company operated mainly on the domestic market, but also exported to Germany and Austria; the company employed 25 workers and was dealing in activities of repairing heavy machinery, as well as the production of heat pumps.