Brownfield project – Use of the existing facility used for the production of food products TWINS PROM Gradiška, for starting new business activities


Food industry, with the possibility of conversion


Wider city center of Gradiška



The subject of the investment is a brownfield site and is 100% privately owned by the company “TWINS PROM”, whose activity at the time was the production of biscuits.

The city of Gradiška offers brownfield sites as potential locations for successful investment and business. Proactive and flexible city administration is at the service of potential investors (all necessary permits are issued in record time).

Fertile arable land of Lijevče Polje, a long-standing tradition of agricultural production, excellent climatic conditions, built agricultural infrastructure, represent the main resource and potential for the development of this sector.

Gradiška is the largest producer of fruit, with a production of over 50 000 tons per year and one of the largest vegetable producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables with a long tradition of production leave a lot of room for branding local products.

In the structure of the land of the city of Gradiška, agricultural land occupies 66%, which is over 50 000 ha. Preserved and unpolluted natural resources of Gradiška are ideal for investment in food production in the organic concept, and there is great potential for the production of first-class fruit in large quantities, investment in plantations, cold storage facilities, processing plants and drying facilities.

In the city of Gradiška, there are already significant economic entities in the field of food and industry, which use the most modern technical and technological achievements in their production processes, where the production of animal feed, bakery products, meat processing and others stand out. One of the biggest shortcomings of the economy of the city of Gradiška in the field of food industry is the lack of processing capacities for processing fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the potential that Gradiška offers in the production of fruits and vegetables, the existence of such processing capacity would greatly encourage the growth and development of this sector.

The goal of the project is to put into operation the existing production facilities of the company TWINS PROM, according to the needs of new investors.

Existing facilities and infrastructure:

There is an existing building of 14 x 45.2 m2, divided into three equal parts. The plot on which the facility is located is 0.5 ha; next to the building there are auxiliary facilities and a large parking space. Available communal infrastructure: el. energy, water, hydrant network, sewerage, telephone, lighting, as well as lightning installation.

The necessary work permits are issued by the District Commercial Court of Banja Luka. The urban consent for works and building permits is issued by the City of Gradiška.


5.1 What kind of project is it?

It is a project in an attractive brownfield location in the wider city center, which is privately owned.

We are looking for a strategic partner for the lease of a business facility in order to rehabilitate it, invest in production facilities, create new jobs and hire professional staff from the city of Gradiška, start production with the possibility of export to the EU market.

5.2 Project status

The business facility is 100% privately owned; in the process of finding a strategic investment partner.

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

The area of ​​the city of Gradiška is extremely attractive for opening production plants and branches, primarily for companies that want to operate under the EU legal framework, and export to EU member states, but also for businesses that want to operate within markets covered by the CEFTA agreement.

The city of Gradiška has an extremely favorable geostrategic location, at the “door” of the European Union.

Gradiška has the largest border crossing in RS – BiH for the trade of goods of animal and plant origin. It has a turnover of over 1 000 000 passenger and 100 000 freight vehicles annually.

A modern customs terminal was built on the location next to the future bridge on the Sava, which will connect the highway Banja Luka – Gradiška with the network of European roads.


6.1 Indicate the estimated worth of the projects in euros

The total value of the investment will be determined depending on the needs and requirements of the potential investor. The potential investor proposes an investment plan, employment plan and implements it in agreement with the owner of the location (private ownership).

6.2 Planned sources of financing

The full financing of the project is by a potential investor.

6.3 Input of the local partner

Programs and incentives for businessmen by the City Administration of the City of Gradiška, proactive and flexible administration, qualified workforce.

Customs and tax reliefs, low income tax, favorable treatment of foreign investors, as well as agreements on the promotion and protection of investments at the RS level.

6.4 Input of the investor

Reconstruction and adaptation of the facility, opening of the production facility, employment of professional and qualified staff from the city of Gradiška.


The facility is located on the regional road Gradiška – Banja Luka, near the border crossing BiH – Croatia at a distance of only 1 km. The facility is 5 km away from the highways Zagreb – Belgrade and Gradiška – Banja Luka.


Yes, the City Administration of Gradiška is carrying out activities in search of a potential investor.


Project applicant: Gradiška City Administration

Address: Vidovdanska 1a, 78 400 Gradiška, RS, BiH

Contact person: Danijela Miletić, Head of the Department of Development and International Projects

Phone: +387 51 810 333

E-mail: danijela.miletic@gradgradiska.com

Website: www.gradgradiska.com