Greenfield project – Initiation of a new investment cycle in the Agroindustrial zone of Nova Topola


Locations within the zone are suitable for the agri-food industry, metal processing and wood processing industry, textile industry, leather and footwear, services, shopping centers, technical and engineering services, etc.


Agroindustrial zone Nova Topola is an extremely attractive greenfield location for investment, which is located near the key roads, located on the regional road Gradiška – Banja Luka, 7 km away from the highway Gradiška Banja Luka, 10 km away from the center of the city and the border crossing, 24 km from the airport in Banjaluka.


Zone type : Greenfield, industrial-business.

Area: 135 ha.

Available plots: A total of 70 plots are left for sale to investors. The largest plot has an area of 41 079 m2, and the smallest has an area of 1 693 m².

Infrastructure: The zone is equipped with communal infrastructure: water, sewage, electricity, telephone / internet. Roads within the zone are under construction.

Ownership: 100% City of Gradiška.

Investment opportunities: Purchase, lease.

Land sale price: from 1 to 80 KM / m².

Rent fee: from 12 to 24 KM / m².

Construction land development fee: Free of charge.

Procedure and conditions for entering the zone: Auction of land, conclusion of a sales contract and introduction into possession.



5.1 What kind of project  is it about?

Agroindustrial zone Nova Topola is a greenfield location, which is 100% owned by the City of Gradiška.

So far, 18 investors have bought land in the Agroindustrial zone of Nova Topola, among which it is necessary to mention the Italian company Ella Textile, a member of the well-known group Calzedonia, a world giant in the production of women’s underwear, which has already invested 40 million KM and employed more than 400 workers. The Italian company Lattonedil, a world leader in the production of roof panels, with an investment worth 23 million KM and the employment of 50 people should also be highlighted.

In addition to the above, in the Agroindustrial Zone the following companies have began their business activities: Gomex (Helf Sweets), Casa Mashrooms, Kast House, Esintec International, MMN Company, Marković Invest, TREND M&V, G&Z TRADE, Agro Fructus, KGH Projektovanje, Alu-PVC stolarija, Tapetarija Matić, Golić d.o.o.  and companies Pauk, Grubešić, Milenkovac.

Gradiška is a recognizable and suitable environment for the implementation of both domestic and foreign investment projects, and there is a noticeable tendency to open new companies, and thus provide a significant increase in jobs.

5.2 Project status

The project is underway.

The City Administration of Gradiška continuously conducts activities aimed at attracting new investors.

5.3 Reasons to invest into the project

Advantages of investing in the zone for potential investors:

  • exceptional geographical location and favorable climatic conditions,
  • fully developed construction plots which provide the entire infrastructure (utilities, transport, energy and ICT),
  • quality traffic connection inside and outside the Zone,
  • availability of raw material base, competent and highly educated workforce,
  • possibility of access to important markets (Serbia, Croatia, European Union, etc.),
  • low land prices from 1 to 80 KM / m²,
  • the possibility of providing certain joint ventures for all entrepreneurs in the zone (warehouse, accounting, administration, other ancillary jobs),
  • locations suitable for the agri-food industry, metal processing and wood processing industry, leather and footwear textile industry, services, shopping centers, technical and engineering services, etc.
  • favorable conditions and a pleasant investment climate.



6.1 Indicate the estimated value of the project in euros

The total investment in equipping the Agro-Industrial Zone in the period from its establishment until today amounts to EUR 5,901.19.32, which includes investments in communal and traffic infrastructure, electricity network, wastewater treatment plant – more precisely, creating all necessary prerequisites for investors and starting business.

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Planned sources of financing imply more possibilities – full financing of the project by investor or public-private partnership.

6.3 Input of the local partner

Potential investors are provided with all the necessary infrastructure up to the plot (sewerage and special drainage of industrial and rainwater, water, electricity, optical cables, telephone and internet).

Individual access to each investor and active assistance in preparing the necessary documentation is provided.

6.4 Input of the investor

The city administration has provided potential investors with all the necessary infrastructure for the plot, and thanks to that, as well as other important preconditions for doing business in the area, so far a total of 16 investors have invested in the Agro-industrial zone.

Inputs from investors are the purchase of land and connecting, which is individually contracted with service providers.


The zone covers an area of 135 ha, which is covered by spatial planning documentation, a valid regulatory plan, which defines the space and purpose of the area, which is the basis for potential investors for illegal construction of facilities.

The agro-industrial zone is equipped with communal infrastructure: water, sewage, electricity, telephone / internet. Roads within the zone are under construction.


Agroindustrial zone Nova Topola is an urban area with developed construction land, built infrastructure ready to be offered to potential investors for the construction of production and business facilities.


Project applicant: Gradiška City Administration

Address: Vidovdanska 1a, 78 400 Gradiška, RS, BiH

Contact person: Danijela Miletić, Head of the Department of Development and International Projects

Phone: +387 51 810 333

E-mail: danijela.miletic@gradgradiska.com

Website: www.gradgradiska.com