Orao a.d. Bijelјina


Metal industry sector


Territory of the city of Bijeljina


Project purpose is to find a strategic partner for company Orao a.d. Bijeljina, which is located in the territory of the city of Bijeljina.

Present activity of the company:

  • Overhaul of turbojet engines;
  • Production of parts for turbojet engines, special tools and equipment;
  • Measuring equipment calibration;
  • Testing of composition and physical and chemical properties of materials/products.


Orao a.d. Bijeljina has a very usable spectrum of special processes and technologies used, in addition to aviation programs, also for reviews of reparations of vital machine components.

Production possibilities/installed capacities (currently):

  • Total overhaul capacities are 187,000 QH/year (equivalent to 80 overhauls of VIPER series engines);
  • Total production capacities are 143,000 QH/year;
  • Services of laboratory, calibration and material testing: 100,409.00 QH/year The production capacities are fitted with complete infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage, freight vehicle access).



5.1 What type of project is it?

Cooperation opportunities:

  • privatization,
  • technical business cooperation (business partnership with global producers in the field of aviation industry),
  • has the following certificates: EN9100:2009 (BVC, Paris); ISO 9001:2008 (BVC, Paris); Part 145 (BH DCA, Sarajevo); BAS EN ISO/17025:2006 (BATA, Sarajevo).


5.2 Project status

Property of company Orao a.d. Bijeljina is 81,49% owned by the Government of the Republic of Srpska which is seeking a strategic partner.

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

  • Favorable geographic position. Project location is 5 km from the center of the city. The city of Bijeljina is located in the northeastern Republic of Srpska. Distance between the city of Bijeljina and Belgrade (railway, airport) is 140 km; i.e. distance from the E70 motorway (Belgrade-Zagreb) is about 40 km.
  • Long industrial tradition, quality and availability of highly skilled labor, at competitive labor costs.
  • Free production capacities available to be put into function.



6.1 Estimated project value in €

The sale of the state-owned capital is conducted in compliance with the Law on privatization of state-owned capital in enterprises, by issue of a tender or by method of direct buyer selection. In their offer, the strategic partner (buyer) will propose a purchase price, as well as an investment plan, an employment plan and other intents. The strategic partner will also propose a joint venture or another form of cooperation in a letter of intent.

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Complete project financing by potential investor or joint venture.

6.3 Inputs by local partner

The Government of the Republic of Srpska’s employment incentives, tax and duty reliefs, favorable treatment of foreign investors, agreements on investment promotion and protection, etc.

6.4 Inputs by investor


7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified

The facility is located on the grounds of company Orao a.d. Bijeljina and 81,49 % owned by the Government of the Republic of Srpska. Available area: 94,919 m2 of land, of which 12,094 m2 is developed. The production capacities are fitted with complete infrastructure.

8. Have the activities on project implementation already started

Yes. The Government of the Republic of Srpska is endeavoring to find a strategic partner.

9. Project applicant and contact information

Tel. +387 55 202 004
E-mail: marketing@orao.aero
Web site: www.orao.aero