Business premises

One of the key factors for developing a successful business is the choice of location. The prices of business premises in the Republic of Srpska are formed depending on the local community, the attractiveness of the location, whether it is a new or old building, and the purpose of the business premises. The Republic of Srpska offers a wide range of business premises. The average price per square meter of office space in RS is around 650 € / m2. Renting office space in the Republic of Srpska ranges from 5-50 € / m2 per month, while the rental price of a production facility is 2-10 € / m2 per month.

Also, in order to better connect the supply and demand for vacant production spaces in the Republic of Srpska, and in order to make it easier for potential investors to find them, on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship it is possible to find relevant information on vacant production spaces: