Food processing industry

One hectare of agricultural land per capita, an unpolluted land, clean air and water.


According to the availability of agricultural land, the Republic of Srpska belongs to the very top of Europe (0.9 ha per capita), which is significantly higher than the world average (0.24 ha per capita). Fertile soil, clean water sources and unpolluted air form a good basis for organic food production. The existence of geothermal waters on over 50% of agricultural land enables investments in glass and plastic greenhouse production. Thanks to the favorable geographical position, climate and different geological conditions, the biodiversity of medicinal and aromatic plants in the RS is very rich (the existence of more than 400 species of medicinal and aromatic plants).

free trade area
Availability of budget incentives and funds from EU funds in the future
free trade area
An increasing number of companies have introduced quality systems: ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP quality system
free trade area
Quality of raw materials for the food industry (fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, cereals) and opportunities for investment and cooperation with domestic companies or available unused brownfield capacities
free trade area
Rich biodiversity of medicinal and aromatic plants (more than 400 species of medicinal and aromatic plants grow in RS)
free trade area
The existence of geothermal waters on over 50% of agricultural land enables investments in greenhouse and greenhouse production

The most represented branches within the food industry are: mill and bakery industry, fruit and vegetable processing, production of milk and dairy products, production of meat and meat products, confectionery industry and pasta production. Analyzes have shown that the sectors of production and processing of milk, and fruits and vegetables are the most competitive given the favorable climatic conditions and the possibility of placement on the domestic and foreign markets. The number of companies that have introduced quality systems: ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP quality system is constantly growing.

For the purpose of encouraging and developing agricultural production, financial incentives granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska are available to investors every year.

This sector provides huge opportunities for the production and processing of quality raw materials, as follows:

– Production and processing of fruits and vegetables: glass and plastic greenhouses for vegetables and berries for consumption and processing; growing raspberries and blackberries and building cold stores and fruit driers, raising plantations: walnuts, hazelnuts, pears, cherries and apples and fruit and vegetable processing facilities.

– Viticulture and winemaking: raising vineyards and producing grapes and wines of recognisable geographical origin is already recognised in foreign markets (even in the Far East). Favorable climatic conditions allow additional investments.

– Livestock breeding, production and processing of milk and meat: construction of farms, reprocentres, and production of meat and dairy products of higher stages of processing, permanent and semi-permanent meat products,

– Fisheries: breeding quality fish for export and raising processing capacities,

-Beekeeping: production of bee products of recognisable geographical origin for export, introduction of new products primarily for the needs of tourism and catering,

– Production and processing of medicinal herbs, mushrooms and collection of forest fruits,

– Growing and processing of industrial plants: sugar beets and oilseeds (soybeans and oilseed rape).

Quality raw material base, network of free trade agreements, as well as a long tradition of high quality food production are key reasons for the arrival of well-known international companies in the Republic of Srpska, such as: Perutnina Ptuj (Slovenia), Kraš (Croatia), Kreis Industriehandel AG (Switzerland) , Swisslion (Serbia), Imlek (Serbia), Carl Kuehne (Germany), Altima UK Value Investments Limited.