Tourism in

An unexplored and open market, especially for adventure tourism and healthcare.


Srpska is a republic of nature, adventure, rich cultural heritage and famous gastronomy. All this provides great opportunities for investment in tourism.

Tourism in the Republic of Srpska is one of the most promising industries. Republic of Srpska records a continuous increase in tourist traffic, i.e. the number of achieved tourist arrivals and overnight stays. Thus, in 2022, there was an increase in tourist arrivals by 49,1% and tourist overnight stays by 38,5% compared to 2021.

free trade area
The only preserved rainforest in Europe - Perućica
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The second deepest canyon in the world after Colorado - Tara
free trade area
Olympic Mountain Jahorina, where the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984 were held
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World Rafting Championship on Vrbas and Tara
free trade area
European Parachuting Championship and World Parachuting Cup
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Three national parks Sutjeska, Kozara and Drina
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More than 200 registered thermal, thermo-mineral and low-level radioactive water sources

Preserved environment and natural resources, favorable geographical position and transitivity, proximity to emitting markets, gastronomy, cultural and historical heritage, with special emphasis on religious tourism, skilled labor, and unexplored and open market, make this sector extremely attractive for both tourists and and for potential investors; we single out some such as:

Investments in mountain tourism. Favorable natural characteristics of the mountains in the Republic of Srpska are an excellent opportunity for the development of various types of mountain tourism throughout the year. Olympic Mountain Jahorina in 1984, where the XIV Winter Olympic Games were held, ensures the recognisability of the location, with excellent positioning near the international airport and the existing infrastructure with 20 km of ski slopes and modern hotel accommodation and low prices. There is room for additional investments in both accommodation facilities and supporting infrastructure.

Investments in sports and adventure tourism. Great opportunities for the development of hunting, eco and adventure tourism, paragliding, hiking, cycling and the possibility of developing the increasingly popular canyoning on the rivers Drina, Tara, Una, Vrbas. Additional accommodation facilities (bungalows, camps) are part of the missing accommodation infrastructure.

Investments in spa tourism due to the existence of over 200 geothermal and mineral springs in the entire territory of the Republic of Srpska with the possible use of water for health, cosmetic and recreational purposes or for bottling and packaging of water. Investments in tourist infrastructure and suprastructure, through capital investments in the modernisation of spas, i.e. the introduction of wellness, fitness and wellbeing programs.

Investments in health tourism due to quality medical staff and favorable prices of medical services (health services among the most competitive in the region: dental services, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmic services, etc.). The most modern pharmaceutical factory in the region is an example of successful investment in this area.

City tourism – in the city centers there is a great need for the construction of hotels with larger capacities and congress facilities, as well as for high standard, especially in Banja Luka, Trebinje, Prijedor, Doboj.

The famous director Emir Kusturica built a tourist city dedicated to our Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić – Andrićgrad, which is one of the most important investment projects in the tourist economy of the Republic of Srpska.