The Government of the Republic of Srpska has adopted the Decision on the implementation of the Project for Optimization of Administrative Procedures and Formalities, which simplifies or abolishes procedures and formalities, leading to savings in time and costs for the business community and citizens.

Simplification of administrative procedures and formalities refers to the elimination of unnecessary documentation, abolition or reduction of fees and charges, shortening the deadline for the actions of competent authority, extending the validity of formalities, unifying procedures and formalities, conducting procedures electronically and other simplifications that contribute to reducing administrative burdens.

Realization of the project includes analysis of procedures and formalities issued by republic bodies and authorized entities, primarily the formalities registered on the portal of the Point of Single Contact for Business and the project is also envisaged by the Programme of Economic Reforms of Republic of Srpska for the period 2021-2023, with the aim of improving the business environment and increasing the level of investment.

The decision envisages the establishment of the Project Management and Monitoring Council, which consists of ministers responsible for the areas of economy and finance, ministers responsible for areas where there are a large number of procedures and formalities and representatives of the business community.

Also, the establishment of the Operational Body for the implementation of the Project is envisaged, comprised of representatives of competent bodies that conduct administrative procedures and issue formalities, as well as the Secretariat for Administrative and Technical Affairs, which comprised of officials of the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship.