The Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska is implementing the “Economy Support Program through refunds of taxes and contributions for new employment of workers” whose total value is BAM 5 000 000, and which is financed from the Budget of the Republic of Srpska.

Programs for implementing the sub-components:

– I component: Refund of taxes and contributions for employed persons from the records of the Employment Agency in the period 1/1/2022 to 12/31/2022.

– II component: Additional qualification and requalification through a verified institution.

– III component: Trainings at the request of employers are organised for the purpose of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to perform work at a specific workplace, at the request of the employer, if there is no person with the necessary knowledge and skills on the record. Trainings are organised for a period of one to three months.

– IV component: Incentive program for youth employment in the BPO industry.

– V component: Support program for training young people for employment in the field of creative industries, with a focus on programming.

Employers’ requests for component I will be dealt with in order according to the date of submission, and the public call will be suspended when the funds have been spent, and at the latest by 12/31/2023.

The deadline for submitting requests for components II, III, IV and V is 30 days from the date of the public call, and the last day for submitting requests is August 31, 2023.

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Also, the Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska implements the Program of co-financing of employment and self-employment ‘Together to work’ in 2023, the total value of BAM 6 000 000, which is financed from the budget of the Republic of Srpska. This program envisages co-financing the employment of the following categories of unemployed persons, such as: children of killed soldiers of the Army of Republic of Srpska (ARS), war disabled soldiers and demobilised soldiers of the ARS, as well as hard-to-employ persons in extremely underdeveloped and underdeveloped municipalities. For information about the program: