Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 29, 2021 – Today, an integrated electronic system for registration of business entities and entrepreneurs in the Republic of Srpska was promoted. The system is easy to use, does not require a visit to any counter, and is accessed via the link

The e-Registration project in the Republic of Srpska is the result of a long-term reform process achieved through the Local Investment-friendly Environment Project – LIFE implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and funded by the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project aims to provide faster, cheaper and more transparent services to businesses and citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“In addition to electronic signatures and high security standards, the integrated e-Registration system promotes the European interoperability model, which means that the public administration will automatically verify the data it already has, which ensures higher productivity and shortens the time required for the registration process. In this way, entrepreneurs are exempted from collecting a significant amount of evidence, and thus paying fees for their issuance or certification. In addition, by registering through the e-Registration portal, entrepreneurs will receive a 50% discount on administrative fees, and all payments are made through only one payment, i.e. all previous fees have been consolidated through a single payment slip. The e-Registration portal was launched today, it is working, but it will take some time for citizens, businesses and government agencies to start using electronic signatures, which is a prerequisite for the system to be in mass use, and for some time for everyone in the system fully trained for its application. It’s a process, but the infrastructure is there and it works. The system includes 76 institutions from the republic and local level of government in the Republic of Srpska, and that number speaks precisely about the level of complexity of this reform”, the Government of the Republic of Srpska stated.

With the introduction of the integrated E-Registration system, with the support of the LIFE Project, the Republic of Srpska amended 5 legal solutions and a number of bylaws. In order for this reform to be implemented, commercial courts previously had to digitize more than 12 million of their acts, which are now part of this integrated system, and allow for easier search and handling of party requests.

“In the past 5 years, IFC has invested its knowledge, technology and, together with partners in the Government of Republic of Srpska, worked in a structured way on creating preconditions for the realisation of the first fully digital service for citizens and businessmen. Digitization of economic infrastructure is key to developing the private sector and strengthening competitiveness. Digitized processes are faster, more efficient and economical, and reduce the room for errors and corruption. The last year has shown us how important it is to ensure an innovative approach not only in business but also in provision of service. Today, companies and entrepreneurs are fighting for survival and trying in every possible way to adapt to the given circumstances, and it is precisely this digitalization of public services that provides support and accelerates this process of transformation. I thank the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the British Embassy for their support of the project and successful cooperation during the implementation, “said Lada Buševac, Head of the IFC Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It goes without saying that the future is digital, and in many countries it is already a reality. Today’s launching of the electronic system for registration of business entities is an important step and a great joint achievement. This system integrates various steps in all departments of the administration into one streamlined procedure. The result is a significantly reduced time required and the cost of registering a business entity. Both we and our partners strongly welcome it, but what is even more important is that it is strongly welcomed by all those who live in RS and who will benefit from a better and more favorable business environment. ” said on this occasion Matt Field, the British ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.