Hotel and tourist complex construction





The Municipality of Pale is situated in the eastern part of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of five municipalities comprising the City of East Sarajevo. Municipality’s traffic position is favorable because it is near the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo (15km), which is an intersection of roads from all directions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the 25 km mark is an International Airport in Sarajevo, the main railroad station and a connective road to the main highway corridor 5C.
The administrative centre of the Municipality is in the largest populated place called Pale, which holds the important economic, education, cultural, religious, financial and other public institutions.


In the territory of the Pale Municipality and the city of East Sarajevo, tourism is a strategic economic branch, because this area is characterised by its great tourist potential. There are several tourist attractions, with valorized capacities and included in the tourist offer: the Jahorina Olympic mountain, Ravna mountain ski slope , Dvorista-Jahorina sports center , Pecina Orlovaca tourist and speleological center , Novak’s Cave, Ledenjaca Cave, Kadino vrelo excursion site, as well as many other cultural and religious facilities in the municipalities of East Sarajevo and the City of Sarajevo. Therefore, new accommodation capacities of service and tourist type (hotel and tourist complex, apartment construction, accommodation for rehabilitation or for elder and disabled people) etc. are indeed needed.


5.1 What type of project is it?

Business complex of the former Buducnost Scouts’ House and a student dormitory later is a brownfield type. It is fully built, infrastructurally organized, traffically well connected, having multiple facilities for service and accommodation, representing a terrific location for hotel and/or apartment accommodation premises construction. It is ideal for winter relaxation and recreation, but for summer as well. Total land area is 14.434 m2, and total gross area of the existing facilities is 2.718 m2/net area 2.471 m2.




Ground floor+Attic

Gross area

2.718,00 m2

Net area

2.471,00 m2

Object А

615,00 m2

Object B, О-1

428,00 m2

Object B, О-2

528,00 m2

Object B, О-3

122,00 m2

Object B, О-4

126,00 m2

Object B, О-5

580,00 m2

Boiling room, garage and news stand (devastated)

42,00 + 90,75+ 15,00 m2

Land area

14.434,00 m2

Construction year

Object А I 1950 , and Object B in 1972

Reconstruction year

roof covering changed in 2008


Object А is and individual, free standing, ground floor+attic, total area of 615,00m2. The object is monolithic, built with brick at ground floor, the attic is filled with brick products coated in wood, and floors are connected from the wood ceiling to the ground level with an interior steel staircase coated in wood. The ground level holds halls and the attic 16 accommodation rooms.

Object complex B(О-1, О-2, О-3, О-4, О-5) is designed in such a way that the entry hall and a reception and sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a restaurant, a fireplace hall and the management office are situated at the ground level, while the accommodation capacities of 32 rooms are in the attic. Disposition of the business complex is solved in a way that the vertical communication / the staircase is situated in the central part at the north-eastern side of the object, and the joint area and the service area / the restaurant with terrace and accommodation capacities are at the south-western side of the object. Since the object hasn’t been in function for so many years, the decay of time and an inadequate maintenance did their part, so the entire object is in bad shape.

5.2 Project status

The business complex is not in function at the moment, it is located at the ecologically pure natural environment of Kalovita Brda settlement, on the right side of the Pale – Sarajevo highway, about 1 kilometer from the M5 highway turning, in Kalovita Brda Settlement, via Romanijska street, which has been fully reconstructed and has a newly built sidewalk. The site can be accessed from Romanijska street via the connecting traffic road. The site has available public and electric utilities.
Micro location is on the hill terrain, directly oriented towards the connecting asphalt road on the northwestern side and is within range of tourist and economic zone of Kalovita Brda. The lot is on the hill terrain, irregularly shaped and of 14.434m2 total area. The object is owned by the Pale Municipality.

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

For potential investors, this business location is important because it is infrastructurally equipped; it is an attractive location, slightly separated from the town centre and is very sunny. There are several tourist attractions nearby, such as the Olympic mountain of Jahorina, Ravna mountain ski slope, Dvorista-Jahorina sports centre, Pecina Orlovaca tourist and speleological centre , Novak’s Cave, Ledenjaca Cave, Kadino Vrelo excursion site and many other cultural, sport and religious objects in the municipalities of East Sarajevo and the city of Sarajevo.
Here, the investors can develop their own business idea on reconstruction of existing facilities and building new hotel content and/or apartment capacities for relaxation and recreation or building objects for the elderly and the disabled persons, etc.
The investors have qualified and competitive workforce at their disposal.


6.1 Estimated project value in €

The estimated value of the business objects and land area is 619.165,00 КМ, i.e. 316.574,00 EUR

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Investor funding entails full project funding by the investor trough reconstruction and adaptation of existing facilities and building a new hotel complex.

6.3 Inputs by local partner

Municipality of Pale offers complete support to all potential investors in implementation of the planned investment trough a contact person, authorized for providing information and organisation of meetings between the competent bodies and investors in aim of simplifying and fast implementation of the planned investment. Municipal administration is fully available to the potential investors 24 hours a day, trough the accelerated procedure for obtaining a building permit and certificate of occupancy, as well as in company registration and obtaining the necessary work permits which greatly makes the successful business start-up a lot easier.

6.4 Inputs by investor

Potential investors are expected to invest in reconstruction and adaptation of the current business facilities and building new facilities of service and tourist type

7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified

The current business complex is not covered by the Regulatory Plan and the Urban Permit and Building Permit are issued based on the location requirements. The business complex is owned by the Municipality of Pale.

8. Have the activities on project implementation already started
9. Project applicant and contact information

Economic and Social Department
Contact: Bogdanka Cicovic, Economic and Social Expert Advisor
Phone: +387 57 223 459. локал 101
Fax: +387 57 223 061
E-mail: bogdanka.c@hotmail.com