Manufacturing plant for the production and repair of belt conveyor rollers and consumable parts


Energy and mining


Municipality Stanari


The project includes construction of the manufacturing plant that would built new and repair old belt conveyor rollers used for coal and waste transport in the TPP Stanari and the open pit. Furthermore, reparation of parts which are subject to scuffing and high temperatures, such as drive stations, mills, and slurry pumps, operational parts of the flue gas ducts, coal ducts and ash transport system would be carried out as well.
One quantity of these parts, EFT-Mine and Thermal Power Plant Stanari will purchase from the equipment supplier permanently, that will create large quantities of worn parts which can be repaired. This could lead to cost reduction in purchasing of spare parts and also reducing the storage location of the old and worn parts.


5.1 What type of project is it


5.2 Project status

Business idea.

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

Operation of TPP Stanari and open pit require maintenance of belt convener systems, junction towers, working parts of the coal and soil loading equipment at the overburden. The workers who were engaged on the construction of thermal power plant are experienced and available to future investors. Planned location for the construction of this workshop is provided with good road and rail communication. Currently, in the surrounding area, there is no competition for this type of business. There is possibility of expanding the scope of work on the power plants and mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.


6.1 Estimated project value in €

1 to 1.5 million EUR

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Entirely funded by investors

6.3 Inputs by local partner

  • Location planned for construction is a part of TPP Stanari business zone, which would be a local community-     owned,
  • Infrastructure would be provided by local community,
  • Subsidies for employment of local manpower by the local community,
  • Administrative Assistance


6.4 Inputs by investor

  • Professional and financial competence to implement the project,
  • Modern technological solutions and environmental protection,
  • Engaging local resources during project implementation (manpower, logistics, infrastructure …)


7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified

The planned location is currently the most attractive one and it is in TPP Stanari business zone, near the intersection of regional roads R474 and R474. Infrastructure would be provided by local community.

8. Have the activities on project implementation already started


9. Project applicant and contact information

Address: Stanari bb, 74280 Stanari
Tel: +387 (0) 53 201 810
E-mail: nacelnik@opstinastanari.com