The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vojin Mitrović, together with his colleagues, held a meeting today in Banja Luka with the representatives of the German company WET GmbH&Co.KG Wuppertal, Mr. Štefan Pipert, Mr. Tomas Pipert and Mr. Alen Avdaković. In addition to the representatives of the German company, the representatives of FIPA, Mrs. Ljiljana Bjelošević and Mrs. Nina Pobrić, as well as the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mrs. Alma Tabučić attended the meeting.

WET GmbH&Co.KG Wuppertal is a German family company with many years of experience in the production of sanitary products and installation systems, drainage technology and pipe systems. It operates worldwide with 2500 employees and 6 production locations. The company’s intention is to expand production to the area of Southeast Europe.

After a detailed analysis, the company’s representatives expressed interest in investing in the Republic of Srpska area, primarily due to stability, proximity to the European Union market and other various benefits that the Republic of Srpska offers. The company intends to employ about 150 workers, with a planned turnover of about 40 million euros.

Minister Mitrović informed the interlocutors of the readiness of the Government of Republic of Srpska and the relevant ministry to provide all the necessary assistance if the investor chose the Republic of Srpska and presented them with all the benefits and incentive measures that the Government of Republic of Srpska offers to potential foreign investors. After the meeting with the minister, the company’s representatives continued with their plan to visit the Republic of Srpska, during which they will visit the suggested locations for potential investment.