The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević, on 14.07.2022 in Derventa, visited the companies from the field of metal industry “MREŽA NETWORK” d.o.o. Derventa and “Metalac MBM” d.o.o. Derventa.

Petričević commended the business of these companies and assessed that such companies should be the goal of all domestic entrepreneurs in increasing the productivity of their brand, and announced the continuation of support for businessmen trough the program of purchasing new technologies and modern equipment in order to increase business productivity, and added that the line ministry would continue to implement a proactive policy.

He pointed out that in the previous period, more attention was paid to the issue, and the Ministry supported the growth of wages by passing the Law on Incentives in the Economy of Srpska.

“Since July 2019, when the Law was adopted, until today we have paid out more than BAM 33 million on that basis,” Petričević said, and added that employers in Srpska must be aware of the necessity of increasing workers’ wages and giving up part of their income for this purpose.