The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, informed the businessmen in Kostajnica today about the conditions for the placement of funds provided in the budget of the Ministry for this year in the amount of four million KM for the purchase of new technologies and equipment.

After the meeting with Mayor Nikola Janjetović and the visit to the companies Sana linea and Foresta, Petričević told the journalists that Kostajnica businessmen were interested in how to exercise their rights.

– We have informed them about it, said that we were at their disposal, provided them with the contact numbers of all departmental assistants, giving them the maximum opportunity to understand certain ambiguities immediately and to head out in the direction of their better business – added Petričević.

Petričević emphasized that the population and businessmen in this local community, which was recently hit by a strong earthquake, needed help, and reminded that the Government of Srpska acted immediately after the earthquake.

He emphasized that the economy endangered by the corona virus epidemic also needed assistance.

The Mayor of Kostajnica, Nikola Janjetović, said that the focus of the Minister’s visit was to give businessmen information that was not available to them.
– The Minister presented certain programmes of the Ministry and I believe that they will be implemented here in Kostajnica and that there will be progress in every respect – Janjetović added.

The director of the Sana linea company, Marijana Bučevac, informed the Minister about the problems they were facing, among which the problem of isolation of workers, i.e. sick leave which lasts up to 30 days and is borne by the company.

– We also mentioned the problem of not being able to participate and get tenders for the production of uniforms and work suits for institutions and companies from the territory of the Republic of Srpska. In 98% of cases, those jobs are done by textile companies from the Federation of BiH – stated Bučevac.
She added that in the recent earthquake, the company was damaged by about 80,000 KM, but the production process was not endangered.

Bogdan Stanisavljević from the Foresta company, which employs a hundred workers and deals with wood processing, said that the earthquake did not cause damage to the facilities of this company, nor did it affect the production process.