The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, visited the municipality of Laktaši. After meeting with the municipal leadership, the Minister visited the MALE electric drives Bosna factory, as well as the Locksmith Pile Company.

He emphasized that the MALE electric drives Bosna Company is a good example of a foreign investor who saw the Republic of Srpska as a desirable and safe place for its investment. MALE electric drives Bosna is one of the highest quality and most successful companies in Laktaši, which employs more than 400 workers, with tens of billions of KM of turnover annually.

Locksmith Pile is the first successful and well-managed export-oriented company in the field of metal processing. The company is engaged in the production of metal structures, racks, umbrellas, flags and masts and other metal products. The Locksmith Pile Company pointed out that they have big plans for the future, and they have recently made an investment in solar panels on finished facilities.

By the way, the economy of Laktaši is one of the most developed in the Republic of Srpska, and a large number of business entities, numbering more than 1,350 of them, contribute to the economic development of the municipality and the low unemployment rate.