Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević visited the Models bed factory in Petrovo, which operates within the Kavgiko company. On that occasion, he informed the owner about the type of support provided by the line ministry through incentives for wage increase and procurement of new technologies.

According to him, 313 businessmen applied at the last public call for the procurement of new technologies with an available fund of BAM 12,000,000, while last year there were 207 with an available fund of BAM 7,000,000, generating a total amount of about BAM 64,000,000 through investments. Analysis of the effects of the last public call also determined that more than 400 new jobs were generated.

The owner of the Kavgiko group, Arslan Kavgić, within which the plant in Petrovo has started working recently, announced that the company would apply for the incentives available to businessmen.

The Kavgiko group is export-oriented to the EU market. Considering the monthly production of BAM 1,000,000 and with the tendency to double that amount, they plan to employ additional 100 workers by September.