The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević praised the management of the Antena net company from Teslić for starting new production investments and said that the Government of the Republic of Srpska was determined to enable such companies to keep up with the demanding European market.

Petričević told journalists that the Antena net company developed a brand and represented a business ambassador of the Republic of Srpska because its products had found their way to the market all over the world, including the USA.

“It is very important that we create new products and provide new jobs, which will certainly be supported by the relevant ministry and the Government of the Republic of Srpska,” said Petričević in Teslić, during a visit to the company for the production, sale and installation of LED displays, Antena net.

Petričević pointed out the importance of young experts being interested in returning from abroad and establishing an employment in this company.

The owner of the Antena net company, Radenko Aleksić says that the company, which markets 80 percent of its products on the foreign market, plans to complete the construction of a second hall during October, which would quadruple the production process.

“In the construction process, we really need every penny invested in production and the education of workers, which we are working on as much as possible,” said Aleksić, who thanked the local and state authorities for their support.

Until now, he was the beneficiary of incentives from the relevant ministry for hiring workers and increasing wages, and he applied for a tender for the purchase of new machinery in amount of BAM 400,000, of which 130,000 is non-refundable.

“We are currently in the proces of ordering two presses, two new lasers for cutting, four new machines for laser welding,” said Aleksić, and stated that their estimated value is BAM 800,000.

He says that the company currently employs 47 workers, and announces that there will be 20 more workers starting next year, and as many as 200 by 2027