Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević attended the formal opening of the new business facility of the company for the production of automobile parts Pass in Bijeljina and on that occasion, he emphasized that the Government of the Republic of Srpska would continue to provide support and invest in business entities.

The general manager of the Bijeljina company Pass, Rado Maletić said that the main prerequisites for progress are investment in infrastructure; good, detailed and purposeful planning, but also a sincere desire for progress towards the work you do.

As a reminder, PASS produces flexible pipes for fluid flow of various profiles that are installed in several types of cars. The renowned manufacturer of parts for Volvo, BMW, Mercedes – the German factory PASS took over the plant from the Slovenian SEP in Ljeskovac near Bijeljina in 2017, and since then until today, PASS has been continuously improving its business.