The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević has said today in Bratunac, after the presentation of the new light combat vehicle Vihor produced in Technical Overhaul, that it was an exceptional success of the arms industry, which is part of this ministry.

“We have been following the development and projects of this company for four years, and today we are witnessing that with the intensive work and cooperation of the Government of Republic of Srpska, new products are being created, which are very significant from the point of view of arms industry,” Petričević said.

He emphasizes that the company Technical Overhaul Bratunac employs a large number of workers and operates throughout Africa, where it implements various projects.

“By implementing these projects, they are become a brand and in this way, Technical Overhaul Bratunac becomes an ambassador of the Republic of Srpska around the world because its products find a place on the domestic market, as well as on the foreign market,” emphasized Petričević.

Today, the Technical Overhaul company from Bratunac has presented a new, modernly equipped light combat vehicle ‘Vihor’ in the factory area, having the most up-to-date technology installed in the world.