The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, commended the management of the company Antena net from Teslić, for being one of the leaders in the production of advertising LED displays in the region.

Petričević believes that such companies are the goal of all domestic entrepreneurs in increasing the productivity of their brand.

He mentioned that in April, the line ministry provided funds for assistance in alleviating the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as for increasing the salaries of workers, i.e. based on the Law on Incentives for the Economy of Srpska.

Petričević also invited other companies, which have increased the salaries of their workers, to apply for these incentive funds.

“Through the Government’s programme, via the Guarantee Fund, we want to enable all businessmen, in such a need, to get funds for their further business, whether it is current liquidity or investments in facilities and equipment, being able to receive a 70 percent guarantee of credit funds “, Petričević explained.

He announced the continuation of support to businessmen with the programme of procurement of new technologies and modern equipment in order to increase the productivity of companies in order to be ready for the post-pandemic period, for which funds of 4 000 000 KM have been provided this year and the public call will be announced early this April.

The owner of the Antena net company, Radenko Aleksić, said that he currently employs about twenty workers, and next month he plans to hire 17 more, since they are expanding their business to the countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey and are currently in negotiations with the Russian Federation.

He reminded of last year’s investments in a production hall of 1 800 square meters equipped with the latest technology, and that about 2 000 000 KM of working capital is needed to meet the growing market needs for their products, and this year, as he announced, they plan to double export.