The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, visited the economic entities Arke – 2000 and Maxmara in Banja Luka.

During the visit, Minister Petričević said that the Government of Srpska and the relevant Ministry would continue to provide incentives for businessmen in Srpska, and expressed hope that the current BAM 15 million could be doubled next year.

Petričević emphasizes that in that way, the companies from the processing industry of Srpska will become more productive, they could get new business contracts, and create an opportunity for new jobs.

According to him, through a public call for the purchase of new technologies, the Government wanted to support companies with 5 to 50 workers and whose annual income in 2021 was BAM 3 million, which would give them a push toward the further development process for more serious capacity.

He reminded that the public call was announced on March 25 and would  be open until April 26, and called on all economic entities to use this opportunity and realise incentives for new technologies that are planned for this year in the amount of BAM 12 million, the amount which is continually increasing year after year.

“Through the grant itself, we will support the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship in the amount of BAM 300,000 and international fairs with BAM 200,000, and we will announce a public call for a grant for digitalisation in the amount of BAM 500,000. The total grant of BAM 15 million will be realised through projects this year,” Petričević said.

Petričević emphasized that BAM 22 million were paid in the last two years for incentives to increase salaries for workers in the economy.

He mentioned the Arke 2000 company as an example of a domestic approach to business.

The deputy director of the Arke 2000 company, Dženana Cikota, said that the company, which produces garbage bags and household bags, aluminum foils, baking paper, etc., exports 70 percent of the products, and the rest is on the domestic market.

She emphasizes that this company, with 40 employees, invests in new machines every year, and that the incentives of the Government of Srpska are always welcome, because, thanks to them, production and productivity are increasing and they are becoming more competitive on the market.

Cikota emphasizes that they experienced big problems during the coronavirus pandemic, nevertheless, there were no layoffs.

Emphasizing the increase in the prices of materials on the world market as a big problem this year, she says, however, that the product is the greatest guarantee of successful business.