The Government of the Republic of Srpska held on November 12, 2020 in Banja Luka, the 96th session at which, in order to reduce parafiscal levies and burdens on the economy, determined the draft laws on amendments to the Law on Special Republic Taxes, the Law on Communal Taxes and the Law on Administrative Taxes.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, stated at the press conference, after the session, that after the adoption of these laws, which were determined by the Government in an urgent procedure, six million KM would be saved.

“These legal solutions, which will be applied from January 1, are an integral part of the budget and economic policy of Srpska for the next year, and that is why we determined them by urgent procedure. The goal is to reduce the burden on the real sector, which is also the position of the Government of Republic of Srpska”, said Prime Minister Višković.

He pointed out that the amendments to the Law on Special Republic Taxes prescribe a reduction of the tax by 30 percent in the next and in 2022, with a tendency for this legal obligation to be abolished.

“Amendments to the Law on Administrative Fees envisage savings of one million KM. Amendments to the Law on Communal Fees will abolish six taxes that did not have a significant financial impact. The most important thing is the exemption from paying the tax on displaying the name of a business entity for non VAT registered companies, “explained the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković.