Republic of Srpska is chosen as one of the 10 small European regions of the future in the category of strategies for attracting foreign investments, according to the analysis of the Financial Times magazine.

Republic of Srpska is ranked in the high seventh position by FDI intelligence (a part of the renowned Financial Times magazine), and thanks to the overall strategy for investment promotion, it is recognised as one of the most favorable destinations for business investment in Europe.

The ranking of European regions of the future in 2023 compared the most promising investment destinations across Europe, and in addition to Republic of Srpska, the list includes regions from Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

This year, 370 cities and 148 European regions were taken into account, divided into three groups: large, medium and small regions. The ranking was made through five subcategories: economic potential; business friendliness; connectivity; human capital and lifestyle; and cost effectiveness.

The award represents a significant promotion of Srpska on the international map of investment locations and is the result of continuous activities systematically carried out by the Government of the Republic of Srpska in order to attract foreign investments.

In September 2022, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship submitted an application stating the main elements of the strategy for attracting foreign investment, location advantages, measures to retain existing investors and attract new ones, the marketing slogan as well as the application of digital tools.

The City of Laktaši, which is  declared the most desirable micro city for investment in 2023 in the category of cost effectiveness, and the City of Trebinje for the strategy of attracting foreign investment in the category of micro cities, also received recognition in their respective categories.