Sale of Cold Rolled Strips Shop Floor in Ramici – Banja Luka Business Zone


Metalworking industry


Ramici – Banja Luka Business Zone


Cold rolled strips shop floor, of area of about 30,413 m2 in Ramici – Banja Luka Business Zone. It is located on the plot no 152, cadastral plot 1283/8, of total area of 50,810 m2.

General information:

Facility type Commercial facility in the economy
Manner of building Free standing facility built of solid monolithic materials of combined build
Horizontal dimensions Final dimensions 216.00 х 141.20 m
Number of storeys Raised ground floor with a basement only under a part of the facility
Storey height Shop floor height 18m, at the upper height of the facility Basement area clear height 9m
Facility maintenance Occasional
Facility components Ground floor – shop area

Basement – storage area

Year of building 1978
Foundations Reinforced concrete pad footings with pockets, connected by reinforced concrete ground beams, and reinforced concrete strip foundations as continuous foundations.

Foundations of mechanical equipment lines made separately of reinforced concrete

Vertical structure Vertical columns 10m high Fe UPN 200 channels, as a load-bearing vertical structure of the facility and crane runways They support Fe2 UPN 42 columns, channels, load-bearing columns up to the full height of the facility. Vertical reinforced concrete basement walls properly water insulated.
External walls Basement – reinforced concrete wall panels, properly water insulated Other sidings on reinforced concrete support are 300/45/07 Aluform with ТР-150 heating, set on a Fe structure. At a height of about 8m, exterior sidings are cut by a profilit glass lighting strip set in 200 cm high Fe frames
Internal walls Prefabricated partition walls made of Aluform panels, and glazed panels to separate auxiliary areas.
Horizontal structure Horizontal structure is made of Fe UPN 200 beams in the form of line girders which also bear crane runways, at a height of about 800cm. At the second level, there are Fe lattice girders acting as horizontal column connecting beams and at the same time as roof beams
Internal wall finishing Aluform 300/45/07 on both the interior and exterior side of external walls of the shop floor.

Basement walls painted by dispersion paints after completion of pointing

External wall finishing External wall finishing Aluform sandwich walls set on a continuous reinforced concrete support of visible height of 30 cm
External joinery Door on the shop floor is an aluminium rolling door, and others are made of Fe box sections and double profilit in Fe frames
Internal joinery Doors of Fe box sections, and in auxiliary areas doors of aluminium profiles
Roof truss Primary structure is made of Fe line spatial lattice girders spanning 28m (single span). Secondary girders are line girders made of Fe lattice girders
Roofing Aluform sandwich 167/60/07 with DFF Р100 Tervol. At each 10m lengthwise, there are 2.2m wide light wells covered by double Eval
Floorings Finishing: poured acid resistant epoxy flooring of high resistance
Ceilings Visible roof structure and roofing
Sheet metal works Aluminium sheets
Electrical installations Facility equipped with electrical installations for the original purpose of the facility (cold rolled strips rolling mill)
Mechanical installations Facility equipped with mechanical installations for the original purpose of the facility (cold rolled strips rolling mill)
Water installations Facility equipped with water supply installations for the original purpose of the facility. Equipped with sanitary unit and fire protection installations.
Drainage installations Drainage made of PVC installations
Important The shop floor is divided in 5 sectors covered by 8 cranes of 30t capacity each, and industrial railways enter the two extreme sectors. Complete infrastructure has been brought to the shop floor plot, it only needs to be connected
Basement flooring Poured epoxy flooring, area 250.00 m2
Raised ground floor flooring Poured epoxy flooring, area 30,413.00 m2


Shop floor position in the zone


Shop floor                                                                                     Shop floor interior


In view of the above, the shop floor is most convenient for metalworking industry. Through this project we wish to present shop floor capacities to potential investors, in order to arouse their interest in purchasing.


5.1 What type of project is it?


5.2 Project status

Business idea

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

The shop floor with its technical characteristics is intended for a metalworking programme. The future owner would have several potential partners – metalworkers within the zone, as well as a potential supplier of material to be processed. The City of Banja Luka is renowned as a developed mechanical industry centre with a Secondary Mechanical Engineering School and a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering which can provide sufficient qualified labor force. Proximity of a motorway (about 5 km), city centre (about 10 km) and airport (about 20 km) and the fact that two industrial railways enter the shop floor make the position very favorable in terms of transport connections. The shop floor is equipped with complete infrastructure for its original purpose. New infrastructure has been brought to the shop floor. It is necessary to connect it and adjust internal installations to the new purpose. The Business Zone is supplied with electricity by 2х20 kW transmission lines. The above transmission lines can carry about 12 МW of electricity.


6.1 Estimated project value in €

Value appraisal ongoing (approximately several million euros)

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Complete project financing by investor

6.3 Inputs by local partner

During 2016, the City of Banja Luka invested the amount of BAM 2,047,000.00 in building the complete infrastructure. The City of Banja Luka co-finances employment and self-employment in accordance with the Rulebook on requirements and manners of obtaining subsidies for new employment and self-employment in manufacturing, craft and service activities.

6.4 Inputs by investor

Revival of manufacturing, new employment, business cooperation with partners within the zone and in the vicinity. Investment needed for connections to the newly built installations.

7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified

The facility was built in 1978 in Ramici (at Ramici bb) – area of the current business zone. It is located on the plot no 152, cadastral plot 1283/8, of the total area of 50,810 m2. The location is identified by the Ramici Business Zone Regulation Plan.
The facility is owned by the City of Banja Luka.
The facility is equipped with complete infrastructure.

8. Have the activities on project implementation already started

The facility has all necessary documentation (building and use permits)
Number of use permit: 06/2-361-167/78 of 29 June 1979.

9. Project applicant and contact information

Local Economic Development and Strategic Planning Department
Contact tel.: 051/244-426 and 051/220-280