Sports and recreational center Rijecani


Sports, Recreational and Congress Tourism


Modriča Municipality, Riječani


Riječani Sports and Recreational Centre represents a strategically important potential for tourism development in the municipality of Modriča. It is located on Trebava Mountain, only 12 km from the city center. Near the center, there is a monastery, an endowment of Dragutin Nemanjić from the 13th century. It represents an ecologically preserved environment that is suitable for both summer and winter recreational activities. It has all the advantages for the development of sports, excursions and congress tourism.

The Center has:

  • central building, made of solid material, with two halls, a kitchen and a restaurant with 50 seats, eight rooms for accommodation and utility rooms;
  • ten bungalows with three rooms, a hallway, a covered terrace and a toilet;
  • a football pitch for (grass turf), a basketball and volleyball court.


Once, the Riječani Sports and Recreational Center was the real tourist gem of the municipality of Modriča, but due to its long-term use, it is ready for additional work that will restore its former glory and put it in the top tourist destinations of this area.



5.1 What type of project is it?

A Brownfield, ownership of Modriča Municipality.

5.2 Project status

The building needs reconstruction and adaptation, with possible upgrading and developing of the existing contents. It is necessary to create project documentation.

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

At the territory of the municipality of Modriča, the Doboj region and beyond, there is currently no functional tourist content that could respond to the demands of modern tourism demand. By investing in this center, a modern and functional tourism potential would be created that would provide the basis for further development of tourist offer in the form of hunting, religious and other forms of tourism.


6.1 Estimated project value in €



682.464,88 КМ


299.546,56 КМ

Reconstruction of the central facility, with the development of project documentation:

208.305,41 KM

Furnishing 10 bungalows:

 190.572,31 КМ

Excavation of wells with accompanying works and permits:

 55.000,00 КМ

Construction of parking space 600 m2:

21.000,00 КМ

Construction of outdoor toilets with 6 cabins:

12.500,00 КМ

Expanding the football pitch:

2.625,00 КМ

Resurfacing the volleyball court:

11.849,25 КМ

Construction of accommodation for two pony horses 24 m2:

6.000,00 КМ


88.649,97 КМ

Purchase of two pony horses:

 3.000,00 КМ

Procurement of a coach:

2.500,00 КМ

Nets with pillars and beach volleyball lines:

1.696,50 КМ

Procurement of swing set for children:

 1.415,70 КМ

Procurement of swing set:

2.702,70 КМ

Procurement of a carousel:

 1.866,15 КМ

Procurement of a tower set:

7.020,00 КМ

Procurement of ten bicycles:

 4.000,00 КМ

Procurement of a mini golf course with nine holes of 350 m2 area:

18.448,92 КМ

Procurement of artificial rock climbing wall and obstacles:

46.000,00 КМ


85.965,94 КМ

Furnishing ten bungalows:

6.421,00 КМ

Furnishing a restaurant:

 29.460,00 КМ

Furnishing a kitchen:

 27.601,47 КМ

Equipping the bar in the restaurant:

 6.084,00 КМ

Furnishing central building rooms:

 12.484,00 КМ

Uniforms for employees 16 pieces:

 1.280,00 КМ

Installation of tourist sign posting:

  2.176,47 КМ

Procurement of fiscal cash register:

459,00 КМ

6.2 Planned sources of financing

Public and private partnership

6.3 Inputs by local partner

The Municipality of Modriča will provide assistance in the provision of project documentation. In addition, the Municipality has established the Info Center for Investors and provides free assistance to investors in obtaining necessary permits, developing business plans, introducing quality standards.

6.4 Inputs by investor

Infrastructure, amenities and interior decorating of the center.

7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified

The existing Riječani Sport and Recreation Center in the municipality of Modriča, which is only 1,000 meters away from the future corridor Vc (Budapest – Osijek – Modriča – Sarajevo – Port of Ploče), 20 km from the border crossing with Croatia / EU (Šamac) and in the immediate vicinity of the railway (Belgrade – Banja Luka – Sarajevo – Budapest). It is also about 80 km away from the airport in Tuzla. Infrastructurally, the center has electricity, water, sewage, telephone.


8. Have the activities on project implementation already started

The Center is currently in function and is used, although not at full capacity.

9. Project applicant and contact information

Address: Vidovdanska 1, 74480 Modriča
Contact person: Alenka Ilovčević, Head of Economy and Social Affairs Department
Phone: 053/813-026
Е-mail: nprivreda@modrica.ba