The Government of the Republic of Srpska held the 149th session on Thursday, December 9, 2021, in Banja Luka, and passed the Decision on giving consent for the free zone area “Trebinje Free Zone” and determining the justification of its establishment.

Acting in accordance with the Law on Free Zones of the Republic of Srpska and in accordance with the provisions of the Rulebook on Criteria for Assessing the Economic Justification of Establishing a Free Zone, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship has assessed the economic justification of establishing a free zone “Trebinje Free Zone” and determined that all the prescribed criteria for assessing the economic justification of the establishment of the zone have been met.

Namely, the planned volume of investments in the first three years will amount to BAM 7,900,000, which is a higher planned amount than the one required by the Rulebook, which is BAM 3,000,000.

The employment plan in the free zone envisages that at least 240 workers will be employed in the first three years, while the Rulebook stipulates the obligation to employ at least 100 workers in the first two years of its work, so this criterion is also met.

Additionally, it was determined that the establishment of a free zone will have a positive impact on the development of the city of Trebinje and the surrounding municipalities, most of which are underdeveloped (Nevesinje, Gacko, Bileća, Ljubinje, Berkovići).

The plan for the transfer of modern technologies has been determined, as well as the criterion on the value of goods that are planned to be exported from the free zone, i.e. the goods produced in the free zone will be mostly intended for export and significantly exceed 50% of the total value of goods produced over a period of 12 months.