Touristic Complex Treskavica




Municipality of Trnovo



Municipality of Trnovo is located south from Sarajevo, on the M18 main road SarajevoFoca-Trebinje which links the Adriatic Sea to the continental hinterland. Trnovo itself is situated in a valley along the lowlands of Zeljeznica river bounded by mountains Bjelasnica on the west, Treskavica in the south and Jahorina in the northeast, by which this Municipality is mainly recognizable. Zeljeznica river with its beauty especially at Kazani premises as a special attraction for tourists, hikers, fishermen. Before the war, the hotels “Treskavica” and “Rajski do” with sport facilities were the largest and most important accommodation facilities in the municipality of Trnovo. Today, both hotels are devastated but because of their location and natural environment they are a great potential for investment. Thanks to the Treskavica and abundant natural resources offered only by this place, Trnovo has always so much to offer to its tourists. The development of tourism is one of the strategic orientation of the municipality Trnovo, because it has a significant natural potentials for development of tourism industry. In addition, the municipality has a very favorable geo-strategic position and proximity to Sarajevo International Airport (25 km).
Besides two famous tourist destinations, Jahorina and Treskavica Mountain, in urban area of Trnovo, on the left side of the main road Sarajevo-Foca, near the Zeljeznica river there is tourist complex Treskavica. It stretches over plot area 19 841 m2. Within complex are hotel “Treskavica” and associated land and boarding house “Ribnjak” with 11 pools.
The existing hotel “Treskavica” was devastated during the war. Hotel has a useful area of 2512m2. Boarding house “Ribnjak”, which is in building has a usable area of 670 m2 and its content (on the ground floor restaurant with accompanying facilities, on the first floor accommodation 3 suites and 4 rooms for sleeping) could contribute to increasing tourist capacity of the municipality. Nearby, there are 11 pools with total area of 1762m2.
Before the war pools served as a fish production ponds. The pre-war production of fish was 25 tones annually. Given that the production is not set it is possible to change the intended usage of the pool in accordance with the needs of potential investors.
This project foresees reconstruction of existing facilities in order to put into operation Treskavica complex. Putting into operation of this tourist complex will make it attractive to various segments of tourism demand and improve the content of the tourist offer of the municipality.


5.1 What type of project is it?


5.2 Project status

Technical documentation for the boarding house “Ribnjak” reconstruction prepared and the reconstruction works have been performed – the level of rough construction works (building covered).

5.3 Reasons to invest in the project

  • This is strategically important municipal project;
  • The location of the complex is very favorable;
  • Proximity to the International aerodrome in Sarajevo;
  • It has a good connection with the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries in the region;
  • Constructed municipality;
  • Effective municipal administration;
  • Climatic conditions are favorable;
  • Trnovo, as a potential destination for congress tourism;
  • The proximity of the mountains Treskavica with its natural beauty, as one of the tourist destinations, the increased number of tourists, as well as other natural excursion sites in municipality of Trnovo (Rajski do, Kazani on the Zeljeznica River) requires increasing the supply and accommodation facilities for tourist;
  • Proximity to the Foca municipality in whose territory is organized rafting on the Drina and Tara, one of the most recognizable tourist attractions.


How will investor’s commercial interest be achieved?

The investor would achieve its interests by obtaining the right to provide tourist services in an attractive location, by expected employment of own capacities in the construction and use of the facilities, as well as by generating profits from continuous use.
There are no similar tourist facilities and capacities wider area.

The economic contributions of the project to the local community

Expected number of new employees: 50

The structure of new employees:

  • University degree: 15
  • Secondary education: 25
  • Skilled workers: 10

Contribution to the municipal budget through local taxes and fees: € 40,000.00 annually.

Recruit the existing supply chain: ”Bingo”, ”Tropik”, ”Konzum”.


6.1 Estimated project value in €

1.800.000,00 €

6.2 Planned sources of financing

  • Public private partnership;
  • Concession.


6.3 Inputs by local partner

6.4 Inputs by investor


7. Has physical location for project implementation been identified
  • Location: in urban area of Trnovo, on the left side of the main road Sarajevo – Foca, near the Zeljeznica river;
  • The property of Municipality of Trnovo;
  • There is a necessary communal infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage, access roads).


8. Have the activities on project implementation already started

The rough construction works have been performed (building covered).

9. Project applicant and contact information

Trnovskog batalјona no. 86
71 220 Trnovo
Phone: +387 57 610 237
Fax: +387 57 610 242
Е-mail: infotrnovors@teol.net
Web: www.trnovo-rs.com