In the Administrative Center of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, on Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3, 2021, training will be held on how to optimize administrative procedures and formalities for ministries, republic administrations and administrative organizations within the Project for Optimization of Administrative Procedures and Formalities.

The project of optimization of administrative procedures and formalities primarily includes formalities registered on the portal of the Point of Single Contact for Business ( which is maintained and updated in the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship, and which currently has 950 registered. The goal of the Project of optimization of administrative procedures and formalities is simplification or abolition of procedures and formalities (permits, certificates, decisions) in order to facilitate the work of the business community.

Attendees were introduced to the unique methodology that will be applied by all national administrative bodies responsible for conducting individual procedures and issuing formalities, with the aim of simplifying and / or abolishing administrative procedures and formalities, and with creating savings for citizens and the business community. Digitization of public service processes is one of the key steps in streamlining administrative procedures, which, for the end user would mean the reduction in the need to submit certain documents or submit requests electronically.

During the training, the next steps in the realization of the project were agreed

In June, the business community will be invited to comment on the existing formalities and submit their proposals for simplification, and members of the operational body will analyze each individual formality within the competent authority in accordance with the simplification methodology by the end of July 2021.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska, at its 115th session held on April 1, 2021 adopted the Decision on the implementation of the project of optimization of administrative procedures and formalities and formed the Council and the Operational Body for its implementation. At the first session of the Council, which was held on June 21, 2021, the Rules of Procedure of the Council were adopted and the methodology that will be applied for the implementation of the Optimization Project was determined.