Culture and sport

The Republic of Srpska is known for its natural beauty, cheerful spirit of its inhabitants, a wide range of sports facilities and a large number of social events, all crowned by the diversity of cultural heritage.

You will get to know the beauties of Srpska best by vacation and adventure in a natural environment, visiting cities, museums, galleries, theaters, numerous festivals and sports competitions, as well as enjoying the specialties of traditional and modern cuisine.


The cultural heritage of the Republic of Srpska is the heritage of material artifacts and intangible attributes that make up the legacy of past generations.

Significant cultural heritage is represented by old towns, fortresses, bridges, monasteries, churches, mosques, archeological sites, old buildings, memorial centers, museum material, ethnological heritage, etc.

Some of the immovable and movable cultural assets are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as: Mehmed-pasha Sokolović Bridge, Stećci-medieval tombstones, Zmijanjski vez (embroidery) and Teucrium montanum herb picking.

Numerous music festivals are held in the Republic of Srpska: OK Fest, International Folklore Festival Dukat Fest, International Choir Festival Zlatna vila, International Accordion Festival Akordeon Art and others. The most popular music festival is Demofest, the largest festival of unsigned bands in Southeast Europe, in which world famous music stars participate in the non-competitive part of the program.

In addition to music, you can visit some of the theater and film festivals: Teatar Fest, International Actor's Festival Zaplet, International Festival of Professional Puppet Theaters for Children Lut Fest, International Children's Theater Festival, International Animated Film Festival, Mediterranean and European Film Festival, International Film Festival Prvi kadar, International Festival of Documentary Film, Tourism and Ecology Jahorina Film Festival. The Republic of Srpska has extremely interesting and potential locations for film stories from the past and present, so shots of films by directors Emir Kusturica, Goran Marković and other famous directors were taken in Srpska.

In addition, you can visit events dedicated to fine arts, poetry and traditional customs, such as: European Museum Night (Evropska noć muzeja), Visegrad Trail, Visnjic's Days of Culture (Višnjićevi dani kulture), Ducic's Poetry Evenings (Dučićeve večeri poezije), Literary Meetings on Kozara (Književni susreti na Kozari), Ćopić's paths of childhood (Ćopićeve staze djetinjstva), art-ecological colony Bardača-Srbac, art colony Ars Kozara, Kozarski etno and others.

If you come to the Republic of Srpska during the summer or winter, it is an opportunity to visit the famous tourist events: Summer on the Vrbas (Ljeto na Vrbasu), Zvornik Summer (Zvorničko ljeto) and Days of Winter on Kozara (Dani zime na Kozari).


In the Republic of Srpska, you will find untouched nature and river canyons that provide an unforgettable adventure experience and enjoyment in rafting, canyoning, kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, free climbing, hiking, cycling, parachuting, fishing and other sports.

Also, you can visit some of the important sports events, such as: Banja Luka Half Marathon, International Handball Tournament of Champions, ATP Tournament Srpska Open, International Swimming Rally Banja Luka Open, International Alpine Skiing Competition FIS Cup Jahorina, International Judo Cup Trebinje, International football tournament for children Pixie Cup Jahorina, international rafting competitions on the rivers Vrbas and Tara, international competitions in fly-fishing, chess tournaments, and in the basketball camp Dejan Bodiroga in Trebinje, whose promoters are basketball legends Svetislav Pešić, Saša Obradović, Predrag Saša Danilović, Željko Rebrača, Milan Gurović and others, domestic and foreign young basketball talents gather.

For more detailed information and recommendation of interesting places and events, visit the portal Tourist Organisation of Republic of Srpska and see the film Republic of Srpska – Nothing much but much more.