Transport and communication

The Republic of Srpska is connected to European and world capitals by road, rail, air and water transport.

Road traffic
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    In the last few years, the traffic infrastructure has been significantly improved, especially the highway network, which is one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Srpska.
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    The road network is being built intensively, the highway Banja Luka - Gradiška and Banja Luka - Doboj has significantly reduced travel costs, creating conditions for the rapid flow of goods and people. The construction of new road networks is also planned.


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    In the Republic of Srpska, there are several car rental companies, which allow all citizens and tourists to rent vehicles at affordable prices or book transportation services to the airports or bus stations. Car rental prices are around € 55 for a period of one to four days.
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    Car rental services are available in all major centers (Banja Luka, Trebinje, Bijeljina, Doboj, Prijedor …)
Railway traffic
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    „Željeznice Republike Srpske“ a.d. Doboj (Railways of the Republic of Srpska) is the only railway company on the territory of the Republic of Srpska, whose main activity is the transport of goods and passengers with a total length of 417 kilometers (18 kilometers of narrow gauge), of which 308 kilometers are electrified.
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    During 2019, the Railways of the Republic of Srpska transported 162 210 passengers and 4 567 464 tons of goods.
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    In cooperation with the Government of Republic of Srpska and with the support of the World Bank, Railways of the Republic of Srpska are restructuring this company, in order to achieve financial stability and take their place in the European railway network.

More information on transportation services by railways of the Republic of Srpska is available on the portal of the Railways of the Republic of Srpska :

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    A port for transshipment of oil and oil derivatives has been opened in the Brod Refinery, and the construction of a port in Gradiška is also planned.
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    Banja Luka Airport is the only airport in the Republic of Srpska open for international traffic, it has a runway length of 2 600x45 m and accompanying roads and platforms, as well as a reconstructed port building with facilities necessary for receiving and dispatching passengers for international flights. It has an excellent geographical position in BiH, excellent weather conditions for flying in both summer and winter and is the only airport in BiH with the possibility of landing from both directions. The construction of a modern cargo facility of 900 m2 is in progress, which, together with modern and high tech equipment, will enable fast and safe loading of all types of goods that can be transported by planes.

Distance of Banja Luka airport from the main roads

free trade area City of Banja Luka 23 km
free trade area Beograd-Zagreb motorway 35 km
free trade area Sava River 18 km
free trade area Railroad 18 km
free trade area Banja Luka-Gradiška motorway 1 km
free trade area Main highway road 1 km

Carriers and destinations

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    Air Serbia - the first air connection established through the regular line Belgrade - Banja Luka - Belgrade, provides good connectivity of Banja Luka with about 50 world destinations.
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    Ryanair - the first multinational airline company, which expanded its flight network at Banja Luka Airport - Brussels, Berlin, Memmingen, Stockholm, Frankfurt.
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    Charter flights from the Banja Luka Airport are organised in the period from June to September for Greece and Turkey. In the next period, it is planned to establish more charter cooperation.

During 2019, 149 996 passengers were transported.

More information on the Republic of Srpska air transport services is available on the Republic of Srpska Airports portal:


Fixed, mobile telephony and internet

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    In the Republic of Srpska, there are three mobile operators with strong market power: M:tel, BH Telekom and Eronet, and other operators. In 2019, telecom operators received a licence to launch 4G networks.
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    Internet access, in addition to M: tel as an operator with strong market power, is also provided by a large number of local providers.

For calls to the Republic of Srpska from abroad, the area code +387 is used, and important telephone numbers, such as the police - 122, firefighters - 123, ambulance - 124, roadside assistance - 1285, are available 24 hours a day.

Postal traffic
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    Postal services in the Republic of Srpska are provided by Pošte Srpske, the state-owned postal operator (JPO) of the Republic of Srpska, and other postal operators.
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    Pošte Srpske provides its services in 225 post offices, of which 190 are delivery post offices. On the other hand, private postal operators provide postal services mainly in urban areas and focus on large users.

More information on postal services in the Republic of Srpska is available on the portal of the Pošte Srpske: