Notary and lawyer services

The goals achieved by the notary public as part of the legal system of the Republic of Srpska are legal security, relief of the judiciary and public administration bodies, promptness and reliability of public registers. Notaries are given the exclusive competence to perform notarial processing of documents on legal transactions whose subject matter is the acquisition of property rights and other real rights to real estate, as well as the founding acts of companies. Also, notarised documents, which can also be executive documents, avoid disputes and skip possible long litigation procedures, and save participants in legal transactions time and money.

You can read more about notary services on the website of the Мinistry of Justice and Notary Chamber of the Republic of Srpska.

A wide range of legal services is available to domestic and foreign business entities, in all areas of business law (company law, banking law, taxes, labor relations, real estate, intellectual property...).

In accordance with the Law on Advocacy of the Republic of Srpska, the prices of legal services are determined by the Tariff on fees and costs reimbursement for lawyer’s work in the Republic of Srpska (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, 68/05).

More information available on the website Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska.